• Today is: Saturday, January 19, 2019

2 Chainz Returns to HoodRich Radio w/ DJ Scream

2 Chainz returns to HoodRich Radio to chop it up w/ DJ Scream! He discusses the many business ventures that have been keeping him busy, including his restaurant, Escobar, successful merch and apparel with his Dabbin’ Santa sweaters, an Atlanta landmark with his Pink Trap House, and his new album, ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.’

2 Chainz reveals that his ascent to the top of the rap game has been a rollercoaster ride, but he is taking it in stride. He says that while he has been fortunate to always be respected by peers in the industry, he is using his platform to give fans a glimpse of his marketing brilliance and show how deeply invested he is into hip hop, trap music, himself, and the city of Atlanta.

2 Chainz talks about the importance of having diverse streams of income along with money from music. Fortunately, he is not signed to a 360 deal, so he is able to eat very well from touring and all of his endeavors.

Although he has accomplished a lot, 2 Chainz says that he is always learning more. He is still a fan of music and listens to both Migos to Jay Z.  2 Chainz thinks that his transparency is what allows him to connect to such a wide audience by showing his family side, speaking on relatable subjects from his past life experiences, and impressing others effortlessly with his fashionable sense of style.

Chainz speaks on his T.R.U. Foundation which promotes the importance of embracing individuality and authenticity to the youth. He talks about how his hit song “I’m Different” resonated with what makes listeners unique while allowing fans to accept him just as he accepts them as individuals.

2 Chainz talks inspiration for his album, ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.’ He decided that it would be a great direction after spending time on social media and noticing that the prettiest and classiest women loved the hoodest music, just like good girls like outlaws because they are intrigued by the lifestyle. He goes on to say that ratchetness and sophistication go hand in hand and that you can never truly judge a book by its cover.

2 Chainz names some of the most unexpected trap music fans which include Amber Rose, Erykah Badu, LaLa, Kaerruche, and DJ Scream suggests Michelle Obama. He goes on to reveal that he still felt a tad salty that he wasn’t invited to the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency because he is a felon, but notes that it would have been amazing to see artists from Atlanta leverage that presidental platform.

2 Chainz talks about what it was like bringing his family out to LA and kicking it with Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and their family. 2 Chainz clairifies that he has a house in LA and that although pictures of their kick back went viral, it was more of a family get together which included food, swimming, music, and good vibes.

Chainz talks about his upcoming ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’ tour and reveals that he will be bringing the pink trap house with him to every city.

As for goals that he hopes to accomplish before he retires, he talks about wanting to cover Rolling Stone Magazine. He has already crossed a few items off his bucket list, including walking Floyd Mayweather to the ring during a fight and collaborating with Eminem which has yet to be released. Eventually he would like to produce a movie.

2 Chainz talks about what others can learn from his story and the importance of finding motivation within yourself. If you fall down 7 times, it only means that you have to get up 8 times, and your will to succeed has to be greater than any excuse. He talks about conversations that he has within himself that push him to greatness by finding areas that he can improve in and do better.

2 Chainz’s new album ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’ is available everywhere now. Be on the look out for the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music tour which is set to kick off soon!

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