• Today is: Saturday, January 19, 2019

David Banner Returns to HoodRich Radio Interview Part 2

In the part two of DJ Scream’s interview with David Banner on HoodRich Radio, Banner discusses controversial topics on his new album ‘The God Box’. He says that he is grateful for support from other ethnic groups although that is not a part of his mission statement.

Scream shifts the converrsation to the subject of accountability to which Banner warns is a slippery slope because of the social conditioning of black people. He says that some simply do not know better. Rather than waiting for a kumbaya moment where all black people come together, real change will have to be implemented by a small group of collective minds who work together on a common goal similar to the founding fathers of America.

Banner talks about making the conscious choice to stop smoking and drinking. He notiecd the toll that drugs and alcohol would have on his body’s ability to bounce back as well as the susceptibility of missing key learning points and details under the influence. He says that he takes a page out of Jay-Z’s book and will now only indulge in drugs or alcolhol when there are accomplishments to celebrate rather than leaning on them as a coping mechanism.

Banner talks about the influence of social media platforms and commends Chamillionaire for investing in tech start up ventures in Silicone Valley. He urges black people to think outside of the box with technology and create instead of solely consuming.

Banner reveals that he would like to start an app that gives melainated people a community to gather and share news independently of the mainstream media outlets, similar the way Black Planet used to function back in the day.

Scream recalls meeting Banner years ago when “Like a Pimp” was out and Scream was a DJ at Tuskeegee University. Banner told him then that he was not experiencing success because he was more talented than any other rapper, but because he worked harder, which stuck with Scream. Banner chimes in to say that talent is only a head start and uses the story of how Steph Curry trained hard to overcome all the odds against him to be great.

Banner thanks Scream for his contributions to his movement as well as extending opportunities to other musicians from his hometown on Jackson, Mississippi. He talks about The Most High working through individuals to encourage others and commends Scream for building a lasting legacy.

David Banner’s new album ‘The God Box’  is available everywhere now! For more information on David Banner, follow him on Twitter @DavidBanner, on Instagram @DavidBannerLikesPictures, and like David Banner on Facebook.

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