• Today is: Monday, June 25, 2018

David Banner Returns to HoodRich Radio w/ DJ Scream

David Banner returns to HoodRich Radio with DJ Scream, DJ Princess Cut, & Amber Jaii to discuss his new album, ‘The God Box’, and more!

Banner talks about coming up with the concept of The God Box as well as creating a consciousness starter kit for his fans with his limited edition collector’s boxes.

Banner proclaims that ‘The God Box’ is one of the best hip hop albums of all time, but it is definitely his best body of work to date. He reveals that he is more proud of his collectors edition God Boxes becacuse it has the potential to transform people’s lives and way of thinking for the better.

Scream receives a black fist flag that is a unique offering from Banner and included in his God Boxes. He talks about his excitement of giving the new generation of black people their own flag and building something that can go down in history.

Banner talks about hosting ABFF Independent, a show that features independent short films on Magic Johnson’s tv network, Aspire. He reveals that he has turned down movie roles where he was asked to portray a convict or drug dealer because those roles are no longer in line with what he represents. ABFF gives him a platform to not only align with his values but embrace is afro-centric style and push great independent films.

When asked about what’s next for him following The God Box, Banner reveals that for the first time, he feels like he doesn’t have anything else to say because he put his all into the album. He talks about his journey to consciousness and admits that he is still getting to know the new version of himself.

Banner talks about releasing his album independently and investing over six-figures to finance it 100% himself. He reveals that there were major artists who were set to be feautred on the album, but pulled out once they heard the controversial content of the songs. He called on artists that he knew would support his message, like Ceelo, Raheem DeVaughn, Black Thought, and Kap G, who came through for him.

Banner talks about the most gratifying part of his experience being the way that black people trust him to lead, grandmothers knowing the words to his raps, and men bringing their wives and children to hear him speak. He goes on to say that he is dissappointed in the lack of support that Killer Mike receives from his own people.

David Banner’s new album ‘The God Box’ is available now everywhere music is streamed or sold!

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