• Today is: Sunday, February 17, 2019

Destini Tori’ana Has Some Vibes For You To Catch

Colorado is known for the good trees, yes indeed. Relax and catch these vibes from songstress Destini Tori’ana. She’s on her grind and determined to show the world her skills. She is an model, songwriter, and artist. For Destini it’s all about timing and development. Her sound is unique and it’s not forced one bit. Even though she only has about 2 good records out via soundcloud. They show great potential and it’s pure raw talent at it’s finest. Her only struggle is finding genuine people that want to help. Destini Tori’ana is still independent at this time, won’t be for to long.

Destini has “Late Nights” which is sorta jazzy but hip at the same time. She uses her voice as the perfect instrument to this production. Feels like something you could roll up to and relax. The hook repeats ‘what they want, what they really want. Good question if you ask me. The records feels sexy but at the same time edgy and smooth. Her voice will hypnotize you on that one. Her next banger “Push” features Doobie Newton. The hook and the lyrics just feel like a challenge. You wouldn’t think you would hear a female talk like this. Destini Tori’ana music is really edgy but not in a tacky way. I can hear some Jhene Aiko and The Weeknd influences in her music. Do not sleep on her. I believe 2019 could be huge for her if she takes the proper steps toward her stardom.