• Today is: Friday, October 19, 2018

Get Fly With Glitz Chix Boutique Army Jackets

Ran across these jackets from Glitz Chix Boutique and they are pretty fly. Overall the jackets stand out because the army fatigue is trendy. Secondly the patches sewed on makes it stand out. Jackets can be for kids, men, and women. Pretty much it’s unisex jacket. The owner of Glitz Chix Boutique Latoya Furman is focused on building a empire. She has lip gloss and lipstick on the way as well. She is ambitious,  and ready to show her competition why she’s next up.

Glitz Chix Boutique is online based and she’s launching her website soon. Right now her IG is the main source and the best way to contact her. Latoya is more than a designer she is a stylist. Making sure she keeps a ear to the street and catering to the youth.