• Today is: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Indy Spotlight: Blazer Hoodrich Radio Interview w/ DJ Scream

Lithonia native Blazer stops by Hoodrich Radio with DJ Scream. Blazer discusses what his music represents. He says his upcoming mixtape, ‘Blazer World’ will be loaded with good music from the heart and full of passion. He reveals that he has been making music since he was a kid, but it wasnt until after he was released from jail that he began to take things seriously.

Scream agrees that it seems the best music comes from time in jail. Blazer says that he will continue to give back to his hometown once he finds major success. Aside from music, Blazer is into cars with old schools being his preference over new model foreign cars.

Blazer’s favorite tracks from his catalog of records includes “No Tomorrow” produced by Shawty Fresh, “Kickin Flav”, and “What It Be Like”. So far, his biggest obstacle has been kicking down the doors of the industry, but Scream reveals that he has learned anytime a person stays persistent and focused, eventually they will find success. Blazer reveals that his plans for 2017 involve releasing mixtape after mixtape. Be on the look out for ‘Blazer World’ coming soon!

Watch: Blazer Indy Spotlight on Hoodrich Radio