• Today is: Saturday, January 19, 2019

Meek Mill Talks Wins and Losses w/ DJ Scream on HoodRich Radio

Meek Mill stops by HoodRich Radio with DJ Scream to talk about his new album ‘Wins and Losses’ and more!

Meek talks about spending time in Atlanta and reveals that his favorite place in the city is the recording studio. He compares the city’s culture to his hometown of Philly. He notes the similarities between the cities: both places embrace and propel black culture and are home to people loaded with money as well as people in the struggle.

Meek names some of his favorite young artists on the rise, which include his team, Omelly and Skola, as well as TK, Moneybag Yo, and more. He keeps his ear to the streets for what’s next by hooking YouTube hooked up to his TV.

Scream asks Meek what keeps him inspired at this point in his career to which Meek says success ultimately keep him pushing. Although he has crossed off many things on his bucket list, his bigger vision includes giving back to his community and creating opportunites to help friends and family succeed too.

Meek compares the music industry to the streets. Some similiarities are that snakes, vultures, and back stabbers exist in both worlds, but Meek acknowledges that in the rap game, it’s not as easy to make violators pay the price for crossing you. He says that it was a big adjustment coming from the block to the spotlight, especially in the age of social media where commenters are cut throat and ruthless.

Meek talks about being inspired by Jay-Z’s new album ‘4:44’. He commends Jay for keeping it real and admits that behind the Instagram photos of foreign whips and a flashy lifestyle, Meek Mill has good credit which allows him more opportunity than holding on to stacks of cash.

Meek discusses the importance of loyalty and keeping his day ones around. He talks about the dangers of going Hollywood and being surrounded by people who don’t really love you outside of business and what you can do for them. To avoid getting caught up, Meek prefers to keep family around who have his best interests in mind, know how to motivate him, and aren’t afraid to let him know when he’s slipping.

Meek’s talks his new album ‘Wins and Losses’ and reflects on the wins as well as losses thus far in his career. He won by starting from the bottom with nothing to making millions and providing the finest luxuries for himself and his family. He took losses when he lost his case and had to serve time, and when his friend and artist Lil Snupe was killed. Where he is from, he counts it all as blessing to have accomplished as much as he has with a bright future ahead of him.

Meek reveals that ‘Wins and Losses’ is a true rap album straight from the heart. Listeners can expect real life perspective with lyrical content and subject matter that will leave fans thinking and rewinding. Meek reveals that ‘Wins and Losses’ will address all the topics that the streets have been buzzing about and admits that he has strayed away from doing interviews because he wanted his album to be the platform to tell his side of the story. He refuses to “sell his soul” by discussing personal issues or relationships with the world in interviews just to sell albums.

As for advice to the young dream chasers around the world, Meek suggests to stay focused, hustle hard, and do what you have to do to get to where you want to go because there is no easy route to success. He goes on to say that it is important to become a man of your word and that in order to attain levels of success that you’ve never seen before, you have to hustle like you’ve never seen before and change your habits so that they support your vision.

Be on the look out for Meek Mill’s new album ‘Wins and Losses’, that hits stores this Thursday!

Watch: Meek Mill Talks Wins and Losses with DJ Scream on HoodRich Radio