• Today is: Monday, May 20, 2019

PRETTYREEF – Wings [Video]

He’s sauced up and he knows why you may hate him. We are talking about Atlanta rising rapper PRETTYREEF. Make sure you capitalize his name. Him and his PRETTY gang are well known skateboarders within the city. The movement is actually bigger than just Atlanta. You have to understand he still skates and he’s just recovering from a bad injury. PRETTY REEF has potential to go pro. But maybe it was a blessing in the skies. His music has caught on and it’s starting to show progression. It’s sorta scary to see what this movement could involve into. PRETTYREEF new visual for his record “Wings” has Atlanta talking and now blogs are picking up on the video and audio. Keep your eyes open for PRETTYREEF and his this lifestyle he’s about to drop on us.