• Today is: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Street Cred Rich Indie Spotlight Interview w/ DJ Scream

Street Cred Rich stopped by Hoodrich Radio to chop it up with DJ Scream on the Indie Spotlight. The Louisville, Kentucky native talks about his label, Street Credit, and how he transitioned from the streets to the music game.

Street Cred Rich talks about life in Kentucky and making music for over 10 years. He names Jeezy as a musical influence. He prefers riding to indie artists over mainstream musicians because of the lack of reality that is popular in music today.

One of Street Cred Rich’s favorite things about Atlanta is the women. He admits that his hometown does not offer such a  variety of women and he shouts out Atlanta women with natural bodies.

Street Rich talks about linking up with MLK for his project and working exclusively with his producer to develop a unique sound.

Be on the look out for his new single, “Lets Get a Bag” and follow @RealStreetCred on Instagram and @StreetCredRich on Twitter for more updates!

Watch: Street Cred Rich Hoodrich Radio Indie Spotlight