• Today is: Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Superstar Check In with Cyhi The Prynce

            The entertainment industry is vast yet there are legends that transcend their time and their image.  Cyhi The Prynce has done both of those and we were graced to have him on Hoodrich Radio!  DJ Scream chopped it up with the artist about his project “New Africa”, his production, and his championship skills.  Every year you can expect a Black History Project from Cyhi.  He feels as if he should give back to the community with his lyricism and southern demeanor.  He gives fans something real for the soul.  For that until you get an album worthy, he released “Hystori”

“This music is timeless and it’s perfect.  This is not a test run, were coming for the Grammys…. These are moments of my life that brought me closer to God.  I want to let my fans know who I am… I call a lot of people Weekend rappers.  They only rap about what happens from Friday thru Sat.  I rap about what happens Sunday thru Thursday.  Your door getting kicked in or your girl getting pregnant.  Whatever.”  

   Being from atlanta, of course the recent downfall by the Falcons was brought up.  Here is a snippet.  

“Ima keep it all the way 100.  It was one too many nights in follies that hit them too hard…”

     Cyhi is from the streets but not being involved in some other activities gave him a different light while he was inside of that.  The fuse is dynamic, but Cyhi himself calls it…

80’s Baby Pac & Adele level great.”

    You can expect an album from Cyhi The Prynce sometime early Summer 2017, for now enjoy his recent mixtape “Hystori”.

Watch the entire interview below for more!