• Today is: Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SuperStar Check In with Jidenna

             The man of many hats, trades, and names, oddly including the Game’s Cousin, took the time to chop it up with DJ Scream on the Superstar Check In!  The artist’s hit, Classic Man, made him known for a lot of things.  His style of music, his dress, and of course his hair!

“I’ve had lots of hairstyles.  Fade, bald, dreads, cornrows, you name it.  When my father passed 2010.  This influenced me to make a serious effort with my music.  My father dressed in 3 piece suits used a cane, and he had a part.  So I made my resemblance really come alive.”

             Though it seems that there has been awhile since recent single Jidenna had released, it’s because his music is going to be epic when it releases.  He actually recorded and finished 2 albums in this years time, but when he drops his upcoming album, Long Live The Chief, which features artists like Quavo and more.  

His favorite thing to do in Atlanta is what you think it is,but not what you think it’d be:

Strip Clubs.  Jidenna also mentions food, and the actual culture being different from anywhere he has ever been.  He has made a lot of splash in the city and worked with different producers and artists so the melodies of the album aren’t a gaffle at interesting.  

“The album (Long Live The Chief)  is a lifestyle.  Yeah where it’s cool to be smart. Women are getting equal pay.  It’s cool to be American nationally, and we travel on hyper loops, That’s the world I want to create.  I’m making sure I meet everybody in the world that wants this lifestyle with my music.”