• Today is: Saturday, May 26, 2018

SuperStar Check In with Keyshia Cole

           One of Oakland’s most amazing R&B Vocalist stopped in and spent valentine’s day with DJ Scream at Hoodrich Radio.  Most will say that she has been gone for a while but little do they know just because she hasn’t released an album, but her upcoming release is HOT.  

“I always get quiet after I release an album.  I go on tour, and the day after I begin working on the next one.”

            The Songwriter went on Snapchat to let fans know that her album was done late last year, and even uploaded a small clip of the DJ Khaled introduction she has featured.  This album will be monumental.

“The album title is 11-11.  They are angel numbers and I see them a lot.  They mean a lot to me….  It’s a feisty mood.  Yeah, just making everyone understand that this is what I will and won’t tolerate.” 

            Cole’s newest single from the album is titled “You” featuring French Montana and Remy Ma.  The 3 of them make one helluva hit!! With Keyshia Cole originally being from Cali the Up North vibe gives the song a melody of flavors.  

“I met Remy Ma probably being in the studio.  I was there a lot after my record broke there, and that was the place they predicted it wouldn’t…. We were really close friends when I was there a lot, but she has always been real, honest and upfront.  I’m a real friend to so we always clicked.”

           On top of her preparation for 11-11, she is working on a 30 city tour, you may see her in a feature film soon, and despite contrary rumors, she is NOT going to be on Love & HipHop: Hollywood.  

Take a look at the full length interview below!