• Today is: Saturday, January 19, 2019

T Head Talks ‘The Star That Never Shined’ with DJ Scream on Hoodrich Radio

Taurean McCoy, better known as T-Head, sits down with DJ Scream and Amber Jaii to talk about his new documentary, ‘The Star That Never Shined’. He shares his backstory on having been one of the best basketball players in the nation to having his NBA dreams cut short after being accused of rape in hopes that he can connect with young men and women who can learn from his tale.

T-Head talks about being one of the best basketball players out of Memphis, Tennesse, and remembers the game where he dropped 83 points and set a national record for sinking 24 3-pointers. T-Head says he could have dropped 100 if his coach didnt sit him out for 6 minutes.

After high school, T-Head moved to Nebraska to attend college, where he met a woman in the club. Little did he know that she was underaged. He had to serve jail time which ultimately ended his hopes of going pro. He talks about being down for a while about the obstacles in his life, but with the help of a friend, he was able to change his thinking and push forward.

Scream asks T-Head about the mechanics of what makes his jump shot so great. T-Head says he perfected his shot through putting the work in along with his natural talent. He calls this natural work and says that he still works on his game daily. He prefers to hoop with local college players who are young, and run to keep him on his toes. T-Head modestly estimates that out of 100 shots he will make 90.

T-Head shares his thoughts on the NBA, super teams, and more. He says that he can’t speak on Kyrie Irving’s choice to leave Cleveland because there may be personal issues, but he loves to win, and doesn’t understand why Kyrie would leave for a team that may be less likely to win a championship.

T-Head’s advice for the Memphis Grizzlies is to invest into a superstar that can bring the team together. Next is to find the right team members with the right chemistry that can bring excitement to the game and bring fans out.

T-Head reveals that his favorite player to watch is Kobe becuase of his work ethic that made his game appear to be effortless. He talks about how his respect for Jordan was deepened by noticing the similarities between his game and Kobe’s game.

When he is not on the court, T-Head loves spending time with his kids and giving them life wisdom. As for advice to the younger generation of up and coming superstars, T-Head advises to stay focused, get a mentor to help guide you, and to keep a circle of people who love you and want the best for you.

T-Head is currently wrapping up a tour for his documentary and life story, ‘The Star That Never Shined’. Physical copies of the documentary will be available soon. In the mean time follow @Mr83Points on social media to stay updated with T-Head!

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