• Today is: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wale Hoodrich Radio Interview w/ DJ Scream

Wale stopped by Hoodrich Radio with DJ Scream to talk about his new album, ‘Shine’. He reveals that his last albums were more serious so he wanted to bring a more fun and light hearted element to this album. His goal is to provide optimism to the culture through thte platform of music.

When asked about what’s next, Wale talks about working to expand his brand and build his label, Every Blue Moon. He also talks about his tour, which he promises a crazy vibe a lots of surprises.

Wale discusses the joys of fatherhood but admits that sometimes it can be emotional. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and watching her discover the small things. Sometimes he wishes that he could shut down everything and tune in only to her. When asked if he ever gets fearful of his daughter growing up in the today’s crazy times, Wale says that it only encourages him to be a better influence and better parent to her.

As for being vocal on social issues and dealing with the back lash on social media, Wale says that after he voices his opinion, he doesnt pay too much attention to the nay-sayers.

Wale gives insight on why he chose to release an uptempo song “Fashion Week” as the first song from his album instead of a record geared toward the ladies. As an artist, he says that he refuses to be put into a box and he has to be able to score from all different angles.

Wale elaborates on a recent tweet he made stating that the role of a deejay has been blurred by the culture, whereas now deejays can be considered socialites, to which he says is unfortunate for the deejays who have put blood sweat and tears into perfecting their craft. He talks about getting into deejaying, but he stays mum on his go to songs so that no one gets any ideas to steal his approach.

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