• Today is: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Young Dolph Hoodrich Radio Interview w/ DJ Scream

Young Dolph stops by Hoodrich Radio with DJ Scream where he discusses dropping almost 20 projects over the course of his career and more. He shares that having a strong arsenal of hits comes in handy as he tours and can switch up his shows rather than performing the same few songs night after night.

DJ Scream asks about current ventures and suggests that Dolph buys the Grizzlies, but Dolph admits that his primary focus at the current moment is to build his brand, Paper Route Empire, which includes artists involved in the realms of music, movies, and fashion.

Scream asks about Dolph’s new mixtape ‘Bulletproof’, which Dolph reveals was recorded in one week’s time. After a bulletproof SUV miraculously protected him from 100 shots during CIAA weekend in Charlotte, it was his parnter’s suggestion that Dolph get in the studio to release his feelings on the issue. Dolph reveals that his recording process is straightforward and doesnt waste time or produce throw away tracks. ‘Bulletproof’ is the complete collection of tracks recorded in the aftermath of the infamous CIAA shooting.

When asked about Gucci Mane appearing as the only feature on ‘Bulletproof’, Dolph reveals that Gucci Mane was there immediately after the incident and also encouraged him to get into the studio. “That’s How I Feel” was one of the first songs recorded for the project and Gucci wanted to hop on the track as soon as he heard Dolph recording.

As a message to aspiring artists, Dolph reveals that it takes much more than a shallow desire to get rich, get fresh, and have flashy cars and jewelry to be successful. He says that you really have to want it and be willing to put in the work that you dont see artists do behind the scenes. Every small detail of an artists campaign matters, inclduing networking with djs, radio program directors, and having a well executed marketing plan to flood the streets. Most important, he says, is to remain persistent and never stop pushing.

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